The Residency

The Two Rooms Residency Program, established in 2006, provides the opportunity for New Zealand and International artists to work in Auckland for a period of up to three months. The purpose is to support ambitious and experimental projects and for the artist to make links with New Zealand art professionals and organizations in order to promote an exchange of ideas and practice. The gallery spaces are available for an exhibition but it is not a prerequisite of the residency, however the artist is expected to hold an open studio during the residency to present works in progress and make available some works to sell in New Zealand through Two Rooms.


The Studio is located in a warehouse at 10 Putiki Street, Newton; two buildings away from the gallery. The studio space, recently renovated, provides 200sq metres of working area with a ceiling height of over four metres. The accommodation is upstairs and includes two bedrooms, shower, basic furnishing and wireless Internet access. The kitchen is accessible from the studio downstairs. Office equipment such as photocopiers, fax, and computer are available in the gallery. Two Rooms offers a per diem for living costs.


At present the residency is by invitation only.


Jenny Todd: