Sydney Biennale 2010

Sydney Biennale 2010 Website

Two Rooms is thrilled to announce that four gallery artists will be represented at this years Sydney Biennale THE BEAUTY OF DISTANCE: Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age.

Brett Graham is represented at the Museum of Contemporary Art with two large sculptures, Te Hokioi, a stealth bomber, now in the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery, along with a new work Mihaia, a near full scale BRDM-2 Scout Car, both intricately carved with traditional Maori designs. The Scout Car which with its Russian origins and current uses makes a very strong statement about the abuses of power throughout the world.

Isaac Julien presents a major new multi-screen film work, TEN THOUSAND WAVES 2010, which explores the cultural complexities and emotional baggage of diaspora and migration through a story told of Chinese immigrants living and working in the United Kingdom.

A 27 x 4 M wall has been built specifically at the Sydney Opera House where Julia has installed a new work titled Myriorama #7:Network which is made up of 174 plates. The Myriorama series exploits a suite of abstract images on 600 x 800 mm plates that can connected and reconfigured according to the architectural space, scale and context.

Fiona Pardington unveiled her most recent project Ahua: A Beautiful Hesitation, the portraits of life-casts of Maori and Pacific people during Dumont d’Urvilles voyage to the Pacific in the 1830’s. 10 mural scale photographs will be exhibited in a dedicated room at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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