Robin White

Something is happening here

22 September – 21 October 2017

Robin White with Tamari Cabeikanacea and Ruha Fifita

Robin White, in collaboration with Tamari Cabeikanacea and Ruha Fifita, draws from the wells of cultural custom and has produced an exhibition that addresses the present day situation of a material world. It is an installation of masi, decorated with a hybrid mix of historical and traditional iconography, patterns and references painted in natural dyes on barkcloth. Masi is a form of customary gift given by Fijian families at a wedding – the ceremony that ritually enacts gift the joining together of complex socio-cultural differences between people.  White describes the conceptual framework of the project as “a shared concern about the social and economic conditions of a turbulent, divided and rapidly changing world characterised by confusion and distrust, that was the basis of the conversations that began our collaboration”.