Murray Green
Hook Line & Sinker

6 April - 16 May 2009

Two Rooms presents new paintings by emerging artist Murray Green. 

His role as artist encompasses the skills of chemist, craftsman and inventor. His works begin as exquisitely crafted panels; then using an array of unorthodox painting materials such as urethanes and polyester resins, combined with his personal critique on traditional painting methods, Green makes an inventory of brush marks, blobs and drips which he expertly suspends into a richly coloured translucent sheet of resin. 

The surface is pristine, smooth and waxy and but seething underneath is a viscous oozing surprise.  Just as the materials are spilling out of their skin, the works bubble and brim with humour and contradiction.  The paintings are at once both liquid and brittle. Have they emerged from the kitchen or science laboratory; are we looking at sugar candy or toxic bloom.

His new works also reference the fundamentals of making a painting; both the brushstroke and the properties of paint.  He meticulously reconstructs the brushmark as simulacra, it becomes the object of desire encased in   poured resin. Through artificial simulation and a little alchemy he captures the beauty of wet paint and the essence of its action, with that elusive moment just before flowing paint solidifies, frozen in time.