Selina Foote
A Visitor

9 July - 7 August 2021

Selina Foote’s latest exhibition at Two Rooms, A Visitor, shows the artist advancing her established methodological practice and introducing new compositional motifs. Her artistic process continues to draw inspiration and guidance from historical painting with this suite of paintings engaging with a range of artists as diverse as Marcel Duchamp, Eva Gonzales, and Agnes Martin. A number of Foote’s new paintings show a notable aesthetic development with the introduction of a ‘wave motif’. These undulating bands of black paint shimmer across the surface of multiple pieces, where they impart a lively sense of movement. Other paintings present latticework grids, or patterned angular lines, over solid blocks of colour. Foote’s painterly approach varies significantly between the artworks, but they are united by having unpainted areas where soft graphite traces of Foote’s first engagement with the canvas remain.