Simon Morris
Colour follows light, light follows colour

5 September - 10 October 2020

“I spend a lot of time walking, as much as I can find. Things seem simpler at these times, during this year. I notice each step and each breath while lured into stories then returning. The ridges, the coastal edges, mountains or the streets, they all work. I notice the colours in the sky and on the water’s surface, stronger colours and especially the coloured greys inbetween. They change, change constantly. Colour follows light, light follows colour; opens the opportunity to directly encounter light and colour in space. ”

Simon Morris, September 2020

Simon Morris presents new work that continues to investigate the action of painting. These works are grounded in time, space and context and act as a visual and material record of that action. The paintings react to light with the reflective surface both revealing and concealing colour, synchronised with the viewer’s movement. Gravity is an essential part of the process, dispersing pigment over time creating edge and shape. The same system has been used in each work, however shifts in format, scale, colour and resolution create experiential readings in time and space.