Fiona Jack
Two Projects

1 - 30 June 2007

Two Projects:
After The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy The Rise and Fall of the Inland Empire

Fiona Jack will be returning home to Auckland from LA to install a new exhibition at Two Rooms entitled Two Projects: After The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle- Commodity Economy and The Rise and Fall of the Inland Empire.

This exhibition continues Jack’s investigation into the methodologies and ideas of the early Situationists, this time applied to two areas in Los Angeles. In a purpose built gallery at Two Rooms Jack will install an abstract psychogeographic map of the city of Watts – the home of the infamous Watts riots of 1965 and the main gallery will host a series of drawings about KB Home tract housing developments in The Inland Empire – the large area east of Los Angeles.

Jack’s latest work includes books, wallpaper, flags, billboards, and installations that in various ways investigate definitions and interpretations of social space. Jack’s interest in exploring the ways we demarcate the physical and social limitations of public space are manifested in her bill board projects, namely Please Take One, 2004 as part of the Nomad series in London, the NothingTM billboard series in 1997 and The Haiku Project Billboard Series.

Recent solo shows include, Untitled (8 Maps) at the Centro Cultural Matucana 100 in Santiago Chile, Undo what is riveted. See river at The Physics Room in Christchurch, 75 Cuban Revolutions at Hollywood House Los Angeles and Depth Analysis at Raid Projects Los Angeles. Jack has an MFA from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) Los Angeles and a Bachelor’s degree in design from AUT, Auckland and is currently on the staff of Afterall: A Journal of Art Context and Enquiry, London. Fiona Jack lives and works in Los Angeles.