Greta Anderson
The Transcenders

3 June - 2 July 2022

The Transcenders by Greta Anderson is a series of photographs which pays tribute to female band members from the independent music scene the artist grew up in. 

Anderson defines this new body of work as photography of association. The images can be described as a stream of consciousness, fragments of songs, fleeting impressions of things she associates with female band members in Aotearoa that have inspired her. Photography of association also signifies the impetus that triggers creative processes in the mind of the viewer. Associations can go beyond the notion of time and space and in doing so the image can be ‘possessed’ by the viewer in the same manner it is by the artist. The women in these bands acknowledged by Anderson, transcend the stereotypical band member by their gender. Contemporary society pays lip service to notions of equality in the workplace and the music industry here is no different in this respect.