Robin White with
Tamari Cabeikanacea
That Vase

24 July - 29 August 2020

Robin White with Tamari Cabeikanacea

Robin White’s work often draws on her immediate environment offering back her experience of place, people and culture in everyday, finely articulated, terms. These four masi works in paperbark were made during her visit to Fiji in 2019 in collaboration with Tamari Cabeikanacea and depict intimate subjects drawn from domestic interiors and still life. We experience the Pacific in terms of that most human of environments, the living room – a place of belief, custom, ritual, sustenance, interaction, rest, activity and of love. Instead of thinking about the Pacific as an infinite expanse, it is contemplated as an intimate family space. And in this space which is at once oceanic and domestic the viewer is able to query those things that are carried with us, whether material or immaterial, and those left behind.