Mladen Bizumc

29 November - 22 December 2007

In association with Sue Crockford Gallery

An Expedition–Yet To Happen is an exhibition structured in three acts – Aotearoa, Old Europe and Mars. Each work starts with a particular location yet none is a literal depiction of the location. Rather, these are tales of travel and tales that have travelled. The exhibition features a range of recent and past works that highlight Bizumic’s use of multimedia. On view will be a selection of recent paintings, video installations, sculptures, as well as three text works.

In the new series of paintings States in Transition, Bizumic continues his research into the phenomenology of structures. Each canvas begins with topographical lines of geography; these lines while depicting no particular place explore our relationship between subjectivity and representation, physical locations and psychological states, memory and present.

The exhibition offers the experience of a traveller into the unknown, prepared and yet desiring the unexpected, with the proposition that our engagement with art is a form of movement, of travel, a journey across time and space towards something we consider the work of art, – although that work might only exist in our working towards it.