Gretchen Albrecht, Matt Arbuckle, Basil Beattie, Marie Le Lievre, Leigh Martin, Ann Shelton, Robin White & Ebonie Fifita

3 May - 1 June 2024

‘It was a dark night and there were no lights […] or anything at all except the dark pavement moving through the landscape of the flats, rimmed by hills in the distance […] The drive was a revealing experience. The road and much of the landscape was artificial, and yet it couldn’t be called a work of art. On the other hand it did something for me that art had never done […] its effect was to liberate me from many of the views I had had about art […] There is no way you can frame it, you just have to experience it.’

Artist Tony Smith’s account of a nocturnal car ride on the unfinished New Jersey Turnpike quoted by Michael Fried in Art and Objecthood, first published in Artforum in 1967.