Mark Adams
Greta Anderson
Caroline Boreham
Sam Hartnett
Akura Makea-Pardington

22 August - 20 September 2014

Outer Space at Two Rooms investigates the rise of documentary photography by a new generation of artists’ current art making, offering alternative ways of seeing, recording and understanding the environment in which we live.

They are turning critical attention to their immediate surroundings as a rich source of ideas: whether suburban domestic architecture, industrial structures or activity, commercial buildings, or parking lots and sumptuous images in the tradition of the sublime, or national geographic style, of the natural, paradisial landscape. These six artists have one common theme: they have addressed the immediate environment. There are no people in these images, however there is a virtual presence in absence, with human involvement or intervention in the natural world always implicit. They ask us to look more closely and think more critically about the world around us.