Brad Lochore

11 - 27 March 2010

Brad Lochore is a British based artist who left New Zealand in the late seventies and works and lives in London. He is well known for his paintings of shadow and light that have been exhibited world wide including such venues the Saatchi Gallery, the Sydney Biennale and Victoria Miro, London. His works are in the collections of the Tate Gallery, Arts Council of Great Britain and other major museums in Europe. This is the second exhibition of his works in New Zealand.

Lochore’s paintings explore the fleeting essence of an object using the effects of light mediated via cinema and photography. ‘Such paintings as these steer a line between the reality of the painting and the fiction of it’s content. The shadow here is not so much a trace of something, a metaphor or representation, but the perceptual shadowing of an approach to painting that always sees it’s goal as being out of reach’… Andrew Wilson, Brad Lochore , Victoria Miro Gallery1998

Invited to New Zealand for Two Room’s residency, these new experimental works have been made in the past six weeks and represent a departure. ‘On the one hand the term ‘Roughs’ designates both a term for a sketch or proposal… an incomplete proposition… however taken ‘literally’ an illusion of a rough plastic wrap stretched over the surface of a blank canvas.’
‘As with my ongoing fascination with shadows, these representations of reflections also conjure for the spectator an indifferent subject matter, an array of seemingly visually incidental fields whose origin and absence are displayed as a chimera or mirage that collapses into nothing more than effect of paint at close inspection.’